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We believe in the power of a great idea. 

We help your brand come alive.

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Luma was created to help you and your brand shine. The term Luma was inspired by and stems from the word luminous:


Luma Social is  a digital marketing and design company. Focusing on community engagement, social media management, website design and development, marketing and branding. As the saying goes- find your tribe and love them hard. The presence your business has online can connect you with a greater audience. It is a space to share what you love and why you do what you do.  

Here at Luma we love to work with entrepreneurs who are making waves in their communities and help them build these connections from a place of intention. Together we create illuminating conversation.




Hi! I'm Lauren Gerber, the founder of Luma Social

I have a huge passion for travel and yoga - which have both spurred and fostered my love of real conversations. Particularly those really long and soul-filling conversations (over coffee!) that leave you feeling inspired. I strive to create those same types of conversations online. 

I completed a degree in Business from McMaster University and a Public Relations Diploma from Humber College and have been working in the communications and marketing field since 2011. I now make my home in Kelowna, BC and love living among the mountains.

Fun Facts:

☼ when in doubt, add ginger (especially kombucha)
☼ a day without good music is no day at all
☼ there is never a bad time for sparkling wine
☼ i live for my friends and family
☼ running is good for the soul...same with downward dog
☼ i have no problem spending my life savings on plane tickets
☼ if you bring me coffee i will love you forever

Human connection is the most vital aspect of our existence. Without it, we are stars in an empty space waiting to shine gloriously.
— Joe Straynge

We will meet with you personally to learn about your business, story, and objectives. From these conversations - the design, layout and style of your website is created. Luma aims to keep it simple and easy for your clients to discover and navigate your online content keeping them engaged with your creative vision.  

We take what you love, from colours to design, and develop it into a functioning website. Your social accounts and activity are linked to the website to ensure your content is fresh and ever expanding.


Your brand speaks volumes. It is the strongest representation of your company and what you do. Luma creates memorable brand identities coupled with bespoke logos and a compelling visual design focused on the user experience. We work with you to find your vibe and create a cohesive, solid brand. We experiment with different colours, typography, and features to find your unique tone within the marketplace.

From brochures, reports, and posters, to social media imagery- your graphics all tell a story. We focus on what makes you extraordinary and the best at what you do. We create fresh, long lasting, and stand out graphics for all aspects of your business.

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Social media is a meaningful way to connect with a greater audience by sharing what you love. But just posting doesn't cut it - connection only happens through conversation. An active online presence is essential to that conversation, and social media is at the heart of it all. 

Your friends, followers, and potential clients are interested in your "why." They are drawn in by the people, stories, and passion behind what you do so well.  Social media has the power to inspire your audience and to cultivate a real, lasting connection.

We will lay a solid foundation for when, where, and how you should be active online. With creative and engaging content the opportunities for your small business are endless and the results lasting. 

One thing is for sure- having an online presence is all about content, content, content. Do you know what you want to say, but have trouble saying it? We will work with you to create content for your website, social media platforms, and all the things in between. Let us hone your writing and tell a masterful story of your business through copy writing, content creation, and editing.

Content that inspires engagement and conversation is the content that gets noticed. Luma's customer focused content contains keywords and phrases targeted specifically for your business. This generates SEO, leads, shares, and then growth.



"From the beginning of our business relationship Lauren asked all of the necessary questions to get clear on our vision for our social media presence. She really takes the time to get to know and understand your business so that consistency and quality are represented in every post that she creates.  

Lauren is adaptable with our social media plan and makes sure that we are100% satisfied. She has an incredible ability to weave in her intuition and passion for her projects within all of the posts that she creates.

I feel very grateful and look forward to many years of collaborative business. If you are looking for quality, consistency and creativity with your social media platforms Luma Social truly captures these attributes in such a unique and authentic way."


“You are amazing! I love the vibe and colours of my new website. Humble bow!”


"Lauren has truly been amazing to work with and changed my business life for the better which was my main goal for collaborating with Luma. She helped me so much- thank you!"


"I contacted Lauren to build my website for a personal project that was very close to my heart. I had a specific vision in mind and Lauren listened carefully to everything I had to say, no detail was left unnoticed. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but once I saw the website I actually began to cry! 

Luma completely exceeded my expectations and perfectly brought to fruition the things I wanted, but didn't quite know how to put into words. Lauren gave my vision life. In my opinion, that is the mark of someone who is truly a master of their craft."


"Lauren is pure magic. I had this little baby dream of having my own online space and Lauren completely brought it to life. I was wanting to work with someone that understood me and my vision. I had no idea what to expect but when you speak to Lauren about your dreams she has this gift of manifesting the details for you. 

I cried when I saw my site for the first time. I won't even pretend that I could have done that myself in a respectable time frame!

If you are looking for someone who will truly listen, hold space for your inner creative to come through and work with the details that you haven't even thought of yet, Lauren is your gal. She is your true north in the online space for anyone who is wanting to bring good into the world."


Here at Luma we love working both face-to-face and remotely.
  Whether you are in Kelowna, B.C or beyond don't hesitate to reach out.
Let's chat about your social media management, branding and web design.

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Good design is good business.
— Thomas Watson