We all know that planning and creating content for social media can feel overwhelming and daunting, especially when it comes to your small/medium business. With everything else you're busy doing - social media can be the last thing on your mind. There's absolutely nothing wrong with focusing your attention on the areas of your business that need it, that's where a Social Media Manager comes in!

Hiring a Social Media Manager enables you to focus on your business, while they plan and schedule content, set up the tone and theme for your brand, and get the word out about your business and what you are up to! Social Media for your small business is all about brand awareness, making connections, and promoting your business! So here are a few things to expect from working with a Social Media Manager:

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1. Clear and Consistent Tone

Understanding the feel and tone of your brand should be the number one priority for a Social Media Manager. If you're having difficulty understanding your brand's identity and voice, we can work with you to help you identify the overall feeling of your brand, including graphics, colours, and tone. You should expect that your brand's identity will be carried across all your social media platforms in the hands of a skilled Social Media Manager.

2. Planning and Scheduling Content in Advance

Once the tone of your business is established, a Social Media Manager will set up a plan for what your social media will focus on across platforms. This includes determining weekly themes, hashtags, and more. Once they've made a plan - usually in an easy to follow spreadsheet - they will implement it by scheduling posts in advance. With pre-scheduled posts and many platforms auto-posting features, it means you don't have to do a single thing except watch the likes pour in!

3. Collaboration!

The best part of the process is that you can be involved as much or as little as you like. The entire process is collaborative based on your vision and needs for your small business! It's not about us or our work, at least it shouldn't be! We're working with you and that means we want your business to shine. Planning an event? Pushing a product sale? We will help you get your message out there to get the most engagement possible when you need it. We want you to get the most out of working with a Social Media Manager - so ask about collaborating!

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Your business is growing- yay! This is awesome. And yet- with growth comes growing pains. Navigating overwhelm in your business when you’ve got a lot happening at once is something I’m learning quite a bit about.

Solopreneur, side hustler, full time business maven- all these roles come with tons of awesome-ness, and also STRESS. We’ve all been there, and the emotion is inevitable, but there are few ways you can manage this to get back in your flow and take on that to-do list with a sense of ease! 

1- Outsource what you can

I know this can be a tough one, and earnings play a huge impact on how much of this you can do! But, if you look at your schedule and see where you are spending a ton of time on things that really aren’t moving the needle in your business, when you could be spending that time on meaningful work, outsource it!

This can be anything from getting a monthly cleaner, someone to cut your lawn, hiring a company to design your website, or sourcing a virtual assistant.

2- Find platforms or software that make your life easier

This is a huge one! Try out different software that genuinely makes it easier to do things. Identify your pain points and work from there. Social media got you down? Scheduling software like Hootsuite, Buffer or Planoly are your best friends! Trouble managing your team or client tasks? Slack, Airtable, Insightly! Accounting problems? Wave, Quickbooks! You get the picture.

3- Prioritize your schedule

As entrepreneurs there will be tons of tasks to juggle. It’s a reality that sometimes a few of those balls are going to fall. AND THAT’S OK! It helps me a ton to look at my day or week and write down the top 5 things that MUST GET DONE! Anything on top of that is extra gravy. This week it was a website going live, a few clients monthly SM strategies, writing this blog (look ma- I’m doing it!), and some graphic design project wrapping up. If I get around to finishing my taxes, sending that quote, or responding to all my emails- there are my bonus points!

This is especially necessary when you find yourself getting easily distracted by things like checking your email or Insta feed for the 50th time. Shut down the distractions, stay on task, and get the most important things done.

4- Go easy on yourself

From one Type A to another- sometimes we just need to go easy on ourselves. To remind ourselves that everything is ok. Lay down, go to yoga, meditate, or take a walk. Give yourself breaks in your day to quiet your mind. We can’t all run full speed for months on end and not expect some sort of anxiety attack or melt down. Take self care seriously and also know that all of this is just LIFE. Think about the things you are stressing about and ask yourself- will this matter a month from now? A year from now? 5 years from now? Put things into perspective and cut yourself some slack!

Everything I write is a reflection of where I am at, so you are not alone. I also need to read and remind myself of this all the time. At the end of the day, the emotion of stress serves no one, and just ends up draining us of our life force. You are in control of your life and business- and you can be the one to tell stress or overwhelm to take a friggen hike!


Finding, trying and refining your flow is the constant state of the entrepreneur. While this is still a work in progress, I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to get SHIT DONE NOW!



This is for realll. Guys, multitasking is legit not a thing! As human beings, we can truly only concentrate on ONE. THING. AT. A. TIME. I used to think I could do everything at once and then just realized I was doing a bunch of things really poorly.

Solution? Now I carve out spaces in my day for specific tasks- whether thats content creation, emails or design. I give myself a set amount of time to do that one thing. It's seriously improved how much quality work I get done.


As much as we like to think our phones are our friends, checking your phone every time it dings or refreshing your Insta feed does not in fact make you more productive. Put it away! The world will still be waiting when you return and I promise you will get a lot more done with less mindless phone time. 


You know that spot, maybe its your favourite cafe or that little nook in your home. You sit down and BAM! Things get done. Go there more often. And then fine tune those spaces to really suit your needs. Do you need natural light? A bangin' Spotify playlist? Find what works for you and get dedicated to creating more of that!

Okay! These really helped me, and I would love to hear how you get more productive in the comments below. Now, back to work.


A business is there to sell you a product or service. A brand is the personality the business puts out there- the friendly face to the name. 

Far too often we are bombarded with messages from businesses to follow them, buy from them, learn from them.  It can be so off-putting when you have no connection to the business and feel like these messages are coming at you without any interest. On the other hand- there are those brands that we have a connection with. These brands share more than just their sales, but also their interests, stories and failures. 

A brand consists of your logos, colours, fonts, websites…but its also more than that! Its your voice, vision and feeling you are putting out into the world.

SO, here’s why you should put some time into it. 


I live by the idea that your brand and message should be polarizing. You shouldn’t be for everyone. But the people you WANT to reach, will feel compelled by your vibe. Don’t hold back on letting your self come through your brand. When picking your brand visuals, pick something that actually feels like you. When writing your blogs, share like you are speaking to a friend….and eventually, you will be!



With most typical businesses, they are known for doing/offering one thing. That is great, but what happens when your interests change?

When you take time to build a brand, you have the ability to bring people along for the ride. That way, when you want to pivot from teaching yoga, to hosting writing workshops, people are already on board. They follow you, like what you do, and are willing to see where you take things! 



When you have a brand that has a personality and heart behind it, you can also rally people to causes you care about! Your brand can make an impact bigger than just what you do for a living, but also what you stand for. For myself, I design websites and help with all things tech related, but I am also passionate about healthy living, yoga, and the planet, and try to share that side of myself within my brand! I will to continue to do more of this as I grow. 


Put some work into your brand and your brand will work for you, that’s a promise!


For my entrepreneurs out there, we all know tapping into the creative flow can be tricky.  Some days it's easy and some days the tap is straight up bone dry. I find it ironic even writing about this topic as I used to have this belief that I wasn't creative. I have a vivid memory of my art teacher using my painting as an example of what NOT to do in high school. Since I didn't see myself as traditionally artistic, I pretty much wrote myself off in that category.

And yet, here I am years later, working in a creative field and loving it. Newsflash, we are ALL creatives!! (please read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert if you haven't already, gamechanger!) As I navigate these waters, here are 4 tricks that help my keep creativity brewing. 


Honestly when I'm feeling stuck the best thing I can do is go for a walk, sit by the water, move my body...anything that clears the mind! When you are head down in a project we aren't always open to the possibilities. Taking some time when you are not forcing creativity is when I've had some of my biggest downloads!


We've all been down the rabbit hole. 10 pages deep on Instagram or on websites you aren't even that interested in. We compare what we are up to with the masses. No matter how awesome you are, it will always feel like something comes up short. Oh my goodness, I have made myself feel so shitty doing this! None of my best work comes from a place of comparison or trying to be like somebody else. You are YOUUUUUUUUU! Own it!


We can be so caught up in making something seem 'perfect' that we never actually share it. What a waste! Share your heart, share your wild...with your friends or with your clients. It comes through. Stop using perfect as an excuse.


Yep, Finding Nemo has words to live by! Sometimes, we gotta push through the sticky stuff for inspiration to strike. Creativity doesn't always feel amazing, and that's ok! Keep working, writing, pursuing.  Eventually something (.... a phrase, picture, email) will stoke your creative fire! Like most things, creating is a process. 

OK, all for now! Hopefully this helped, or even just got you thinking about how you create!