Your business is growing- yay! This is awesome. And yet- with growth comes growing pains. Navigating overwhelm in your business when you’ve got a lot happening at once is something I’m learning quite a bit about.

Solopreneur, side hustler, full time business maven- all these roles come with tons of awesome-ness, and also STRESS. We’ve all been there, and the emotion is inevitable, but there are few ways you can manage this to get back in your flow and take on that to-do list with a sense of ease! 

1- Outsource what you can

I know this can be a tough one, and earnings play a huge impact on how much of this you can do! But, if you look at your schedule and see where you are spending a ton of time on things that really aren’t moving the needle in your business, when you could be spending that time on meaningful work, outsource it!

This can be anything from getting a monthly cleaner, someone to cut your lawn, hiring a company to design your website, or sourcing a virtual assistant.

2- Find platforms or software that make your life easier

This is a huge one! Try out different software that genuinely makes it easier to do things. Identify your pain points and work from there. Social media got you down? Scheduling software like Hootsuite, Buffer or Planoly are your best friends! Trouble managing your team or client tasks? Slack, Airtable, Insightly! Accounting problems? Wave, Quickbooks! You get the picture.

3- Prioritize your schedule

As entrepreneurs there will be tons of tasks to juggle. It’s a reality that sometimes a few of those balls are going to fall. AND THAT’S OK! It helps me a ton to look at my day or week and write down the top 5 things that MUST GET DONE! Anything on top of that is extra gravy. This week it was a website going live, a few clients monthly SM strategies, writing this blog (look ma- I’m doing it!), and some graphic design project wrapping up. If I get around to finishing my taxes, sending that quote, or responding to all my emails- there are my bonus points!

This is especially necessary when you find yourself getting easily distracted by things like checking your email or Insta feed for the 50th time. Shut down the distractions, stay on task, and get the most important things done.

4- Go easy on yourself

From one Type A to another- sometimes we just need to go easy on ourselves. To remind ourselves that everything is ok. Lay down, go to yoga, meditate, or take a walk. Give yourself breaks in your day to quiet your mind. We can’t all run full speed for months on end and not expect some sort of anxiety attack or melt down. Take self care seriously and also know that all of this is just LIFE. Think about the things you are stressing about and ask yourself- will this matter a month from now? A year from now? 5 years from now? Put things into perspective and cut yourself some slack!

Everything I write is a reflection of where I am at, so you are not alone. I also need to read and remind myself of this all the time. At the end of the day, the emotion of stress serves no one, and just ends up draining us of our life force. You are in control of your life and business- and you can be the one to tell stress or overwhelm to take a friggen hike!