A business is there to sell you a product or service. A brand is the personality the business puts out there- the friendly face to the name. 

Far too often we are bombarded with messages from businesses to follow them, buy from them, learn from them.  It can be so off-putting when you have no connection to the business and feel like these messages are coming at you without any interest. On the other hand- there are those brands that we have a connection with. These brands share more than just their sales, but also their interests, stories and failures. 

A brand consists of your logos, colours, fonts, websites…but its also more than that! Its your voice, vision and feeling you are putting out into the world.

SO, here’s why you should put some time into it. 


I live by the idea that your brand and message should be polarizing. You shouldn’t be for everyone. But the people you WANT to reach, will feel compelled by your vibe. Don’t hold back on letting your self come through your brand. When picking your brand visuals, pick something that actually feels like you. When writing your blogs, share like you are speaking to a friend….and eventually, you will be!



With most typical businesses, they are known for doing/offering one thing. That is great, but what happens when your interests change?

When you take time to build a brand, you have the ability to bring people along for the ride. That way, when you want to pivot from teaching yoga, to hosting writing workshops, people are already on board. They follow you, like what you do, and are willing to see where you take things! 



When you have a brand that has a personality and heart behind it, you can also rally people to causes you care about! Your brand can make an impact bigger than just what you do for a living, but also what you stand for. For myself, I design websites and help with all things tech related, but I am also passionate about healthy living, yoga, and the planet, and try to share that side of myself within my brand! I will to continue to do more of this as I grow. 


Put some work into your brand and your brand will work for you, that’s a promise!